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    How to rapidly die at the summit of a mountain

    by CAVITE.INFO on 02/22/2013 - 06:09 pm

    Category: Travel & Tourism

    How to rapidly die at the summit of a mountain

    If jumping off the edge is your answer you're wrong Big time Answer Being sweaty on a treeless mountain summit and using a mobile phone in the middle of a brewing rain and peppered with lightning and thunder We were on the summit of Mt Pico de Loro waiting for the rest of our climb mates to get back from scaling the rocky vertical mountain's beak There was not much to see and do as thick fog and grey clouds hid almost everything Yla was ruminating by herself My cousin Hazel and I were taking pictures at a lower area ...

    Villa Amanda (Amanda’s Resort), Tanza, Cavite

    by CAVITE.INFO on 04/06/2017 - 01:58 pm

    Categories: Entertainment & Fun, Leisure & Lifestyle, Travel & Tourism

    Villa Amanda (Amanda’s Resort), Tanza, Cavite

    Just a short distance from the Tanza s municipal hall lies Villa Amanda or more popularly known as Amanda s Resort If you are wondering why the first few posts of this blog are in Cavite and most are in Tanza is because I lived in Tanza Cavite for years Because of this most family gatherings and barkada trips usually are held in resorts in Tanza because my friends and some relatives hate travelling far to secure a good swim and drinking session I don t judge them for that though they re close to my heart Haha Although I ...

    CAVITE FOODTRIP DIARIES: The Black Apartment

    by CAVITE.INFO on 10/07/2015 - 04:33 pm

    Category: Food

    CAVITE FOODTRIP DIARIES: The Black Apartment

    Recently my wish of having more hip and funky new restos in this side of the south Cavite is slowly being heard by the food Gods up above My friend won't stop talking about this cool new burger diner just in Imus Cavite only a few steps from home and the only way to calm her balls is to just go and check this thing out So we went there on a weekday Tuesday I think to keep away from the usual weekend noisy irritating crowd and long lines This is just located in Medicion malapit lapit pa rin naman ...