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    Fun at the Island Cove!

    by CAVITE.INFO on 04/27/2011 - 05:45 pm

    Categories: Beauty & Wellness, Travel & Tourism

    Fun at the Island Cove!

    This post of mine about Island Cove is a bit late coz we went there last March pa but my memories of staying there were still fresh in my mind Me and my sister decided abruptly one Monday morning to check in at Island Cove coz we can't stand the heat of the summer that we were experiencing at that time So we called Island Cove to make a reservation and luckily there were available rooms eventhough we didn't reserved in advance We reserved their Hotel Deluxe room which is a Queen Sized beds with veranda and a bath tub ...

    Cavite Coffee Farm Tour

    by CAVITE.INFO on 07/08/2014 - 05:06 pm

    Category: Food

    Cavite Coffee Farm Tour

    People all over the world reach for their coffee cups every morning performing the act like a solemn ritual that simply cannot be overlooked Coffee is what gets the world back on its feet after a night of sleep or a tiring day of work and it is why the business of making coffee is one of the biggest industries in the world From small sidewalk coffee stalls to global coffee brands coffee is big business Cavite Coffee Tour In the Philippines it might sometimes take a bit of a stretch of the imagination to notice the volume and scale ...

    Mt Marami of Maragondon, Cavite

    by CAVITE.INFO on 05/02/2013 - 03:48 pm

    Category: Travel & Tourism

    Mt Marami of Maragondon, Cavite

    Plenty lots and many These are just some of the synonyms for the Tagalog word MARAMI It was so called Mt Marami because of the many rocks that formed this mountain If Pico de Loro has Parrot's Beak Mt Marami has its own Silyang Bato An enormous composite of rock pillars Though this mountain situated at Maragondon Cavite only stands at MASL according to Pinoymountaineer the average trek time to reach its peak is - hours It is because Mt Marami's trail is a circulating elavation The trek to Mt Marami can also be accompanied to the word ligaw or ...